Monday, June 25, 2012

A Life Without Love Is A Year Without Summer

Summer is the time of love and marriage and candlelight dinners on floating boats. It’s also the time of bug bites, sunburns, flip flops, bad horror movies, and hot, hot, HOT. So grab your iced lemonade, sunscreen, bug spray, flip flops and head outside by the pool to nestle down with a book. Or, if you're sensible like me, stay inside with the AC, lemonade with ice that won’t melt in three seconds, and that comfy chair no bird has ever pooped on to read. Whichever you prefer, check out Epstein LaRue’s novel Crazy thoughts of an Online Romance.
I have several thoughts about online romance, but don’t worry, I won’t share. Mostly because they’re crazy, and have to do with the whole…nevermind, this isn’t about my nutty thoughts—it’s about the book.
It’s actually three books. 1) A fictional nursing duet: Crazy Thoughts of Passion.  2) A story of love nurtured online: Love At First Type: On Online Romance, Based On A True Story.  And 3) the added NEVER RELEASED Epstein’s Guide To Online Romance. All for $19.99 (which may as well round up to $20 if you ask me…I sound like a commercial). Now if you’re a math geek like me, you’ll have worked out it’s about $7 bucks for each book. Can you say bargain? I can. (Buy one and you get one free…just kidding. You buy one, you get one.)
We’ve all had nutty thoughts over other people. It’s like you see them for the first time and all you can do is…*drool*…ahem. What was I saying? Oh, yes, crazy thoughts of passion will drive you crazy, but you can’t live without ‘em. (Or is it with them?) In Crazy Thoughts of Passion, Kaitlyn Malloy is a registered nurse and insanely attracted to gorgeous Lance Rosanthol. Only problem…he’s the son of her patient. Enter nursing ethics to complicate the already complicated situation. And we’ve all dealt with those. Minus the nurse part for me, because, seriously, hello..needles. But we can relate to those situations where your brain screams NO, NO, NO…and something else (heart, maybe) is all YES, YES, YES!  So, like romance, general craziness and passion? Here you go.
Love At First Type comes with a great pun and a great story. Nurse Kathy meets Jack over the internet and it’s love at…well, you know the rest. However, they’re not only separated by 1000 miles, but also, wait for it…24 years! Yikes. How will they make that work? But love knows no bounds, and after chit chatting more and more, Kathy and Jack want to make their Cyber Relation a Reality Romance. Odds are against them, but love is love. Or something like that. And, stunningly, it’s based on a true story, one of Epstein’s own love.
At the end, Epstein imparts her own tips for online dating, which, judging by her real life experiences, must be golden and successful. And, besides, who doesn’t want a guide to online romance nowadays? Everyone’s on those dating sites; just watch TV to hear all about those people Match-ing, e-Harmony-nizing or ChristianMingle-ling. It can’t hurt to have a guide. And, if all else fails, it’s amusing to read how you should do it even if you’re intent on doing it wrong or not doing it at all.
So, sit down. Read. Like romance? Here’s your next book. Not your usual cup of tea? Branch out and try it anyway. No harm ever came from reading a book. (Except in The Mummy. Bad Evy. But let’s not go there.)

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