Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hiding in the closet

Sometimes our skeletons hide in the closets. Sometimes they hide in treasure chests or under the bed. Sometimes they are buried deep within the confines of our minds.

Star Author Janie Lancaster has written a wonderful children's book, Emily: Out of My Mother's Darkness. It will help children face their own monsters, as Janie was forced to do in her own life. Here is the description from the back of the book.

Join Emily as she opens a forbidden cedar chest, unlocks a Chinese box and discovers dark secrets. Share in her struggle to climb out of her mother's darkness.

Emily, a work of autobiographical fiction, is a character-driven story of a young girl's desperate search for her missing father. A memoir of the author's traumatic adolescent years. A time when a whirlpool of sadness pulled and tugged at her very existence. A time when darkness threatened light, extinguished hope and demanded courage.
In addition to this book, Janie has written and published some e-books that are available in several formats. To see a You Tube promo for these, please go here. Star Publish LLC has published her book, Julie and the Lost Fairy Tale.
Our world today is full of things that cause fear in our children. Please let Janie, through her writing, help you help them through the tough times.

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